The Story of Maywood Mountain

It was early February, and would’ve been a bluebird day had it not been for the whiteout and -15* temps that early morning. I rode the chairlift through weather that dog sled teams would’ve prayed for lights of neighboring settlements, gripping tight against the frigid and howling winds. (Yeah, gnarly stuff.)

 I couldn’t see a thing past the tip of my board and made turns to head into the covering of the trees. I stopped just shy of a tree skirt, and sat down.

 I cannot recall a single noise aside from the sound of the wind and snow creating little tornados of white. A sound that if witnessed, chills you and warms your soul all the same. And so, I sat there humble and began to imagine applying such energy to my dreams and ambitions.

  It was this day, freshly into my second year living in Colorado that I learned I wanted to capture my experiences and love of life into something that represented my ever-growing fascination with adventure, and more so, to share it with people that feel just like me. For this moment, and all that we will share,

This is Maywood Mountain

Thanks for following our journey - Sam