The Story of Maywood Mountain

It was February and the day began with a complete whiteout. -13* temps, I was the only soul bouncing up the hill on the creaking lift that early morning. I rode the chair through weather that dog sled teams would’ve prayed for lights of civilization, gripping tight against the frigid and howling winds.

 I couldn’t see a thing past the tip of my board, making turns and cutting up the snow like butter on a blade. I stopped just shy of a tree skirt, sat down, tucked away from the howling wind to catch my breath.

   I cannot recall a single noise aside from the sound of the wind and snow creating little tornados of white. A sound that if witnessed, chills you and warms you all the same. I sat there humbled and began to imagine applying similar energy to my dreams and ambitions. Something that answered the calling of pushing your limits, exceeding the day to day grind, leaving memories such as days like this, embedded in the grain of adventure.

   It was this day, halfway into my second year living in Colorado that I learned I wanted to capture my experiences and love of life. To shape it into something that represented my ever-growing fascination with adventure and nature. To share it with people that felt just like me on that winter day. And so, I did. Combining my love of the mountains with a name from my Pop, I created Maywood Mountain.

   I hope you join us. To sharing this journey while fueling your own, thanks for tagging along - Sam Belcher


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