• We're encouraging you to explore, with only one catch:

    Make the most of it. 

    Tag us along, we'd love to see what moves you

  • Through valleys and peaks, rivers and creeks, let's travel together 

  • Starry skies, sleepy campfires. Camp, Eat, Explore and Repeat.

  • Making Memories

    Getting lost, finding the hidden getaways. Fueling your spirit and soul to live life a little more fuller. We support you.

Where is Maywood Mountain?

Coming from a family name, it's a creation for the adventure of spirit and mind. The mountain? All life's challenges, adventures you've conquered, and those still on the list.

It is nowhere and everywhere, an idea.

The belief that life is most experienced within challenges and exploration. Encouraging all who’s hearts are loving and wild, to explore their own story. To traveling roads less traveled, climbing peaks, exploring new countries, or your own nature haven backyard. Get out there. Push your boundaries while exploring the beautiful world in which we all call home.

We're glad your here, let's take this to the tallest peaks, the lowest valleys, the thickest forests. Fueling your adventures, being fueled by nature. Giving back, to community and adventure. We're here to set things above your expectations, quality meets the woods. Softness and strength. Durability and dependability.

We're only getting started. Your support is everything. Let's do this together. -Sam Belcher, founder

Life's better on the Mountain.  Climb with us.